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Freezing issue with RF56J9040SR fridge freezer

MasukaH Moderator

Sad to hear of your experience so far, @Paulalfc78  it's not what we like to hear. If you would like me to look into this for you, I'd be very happy to. If you could send me a private message we can exchange some details there and I'll see what's going on. 



New Member

Hi, I have the exact same problem on a RF56J9040SR that I got only 8 weeks ago. The right hand side of the freezer stopped freezing and now the left hand side has stopped also. I had it set at -19 which is recommended but when the problem happened first I set it to -21 but now its completely given up. My "Freezer iCON is definitely set correctly. Very dissapointing. I'm going to call the supplier tomorrow and will advise but no doubt there will bhe very little help as it's an online supplier.


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Hi, I’m glad it’s not just me then who has had this problem. The repair company that Samsung use even admitted that they have one of these fridge freezers in their office which doesn’t get freeze at the right temperature in the bottom right hand side. Surely Samsung should make sure their appliances work exactly as instructed before selling them to the public. I’ve had no contact from the repair centre or Samsung in months about this issue. I really like the fridge freezer but it seems that it’s not fit for purpose?.

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