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Flex oven (NV75N5641RS/EU) Touch Screen Panel

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Ive just had the new Flex Oven installed and Ive noticed the touch screen buttons have no backlighting.  The info panel (Time, tempo etc) is lit up.

All the promo videos i watched show the touch screen buttons lit up.

I have contacted Samsung and explained that without the backlightoing, these controls are very hard to see and almost impossible to see and use in artificial lights.  

Today I received a call from a samsung specialist who said the panel on this model does not have backlighting.

If that is the case, its an icredibly bad design fault that needs to be recitified.

Can anyone who has this model confirm if the touch screen control buttons are lit or not?


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Some problem here, I barely see the buttons.

Bad design + big temperature variations.

I checked with an analogue and a digital thermometer ~ 30C.

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same problem here! However i'm 99% confident that the demo-model in the shop DID have backlit function buttons...

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Have Samsung come up with any modification that will allow the panel to be backlit, or is there another model of the ‘flex’ dual oven that has a fully lit control panel?

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