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Family Hub - New Models

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We have been looking at investing in a Family Hub. I have been doing some research and from what I have read there were more models due to be launched in Spring 2018, taking the range to 14. I have been unable to find any update on this since, but am reluctant to spend so much money if there are new models imminent.


Does any one know when they may be released?




I also wish to purchase a family hub fridge freezer. Saw it on sale as a Black Friday deal.  After research there's a Family Hub 3.0 released with AKG speakers but seems to be only selling in Korea, USA and India as only customer  YouTube reviews are from there. It does show on Samsung's own news pages that'll be coming to the UK but price and time to TBC. Due to the cost, I believe they want to get rid of the older versions first that's why they're on sale. Hopefully this is an indication of an imminant release sometime early 2019...but hey, this is Samsung, so anything could happen such as not releasing it at all. 

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