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Family Hub 3.0 upgrade


I have seen the release of the Family Hub 3.0 at CES and looks great.


Is there any news on the release of the 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade or joining beta program to test the features before GA?

AntS Moderator

Hi @Simon_Fuller.


No news as of yet, but if I hear anything on the grapevine that I can share with you guys, I will. :robothappy:


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any news yet as they said Spring 2018 at the launch?

Its the 24th April and have yet to see any news on the software update. I appreciate there is quite a few changes occuring on the Smartthings side but an update would be appreciated.


Its the 17th May and still no sign of the upgrade or even any news

First Poster

just got this model RF56M9540SR/EU  i.e latest on samsung UK website , I only bought it so i can use my RING after update nothing new i still have the exact same version its so old none of the features shown at ces some 7 months ago poor show again samsung great hardware poor software. very disappointed will be returning this 4500 fridge as its just simply not worth the money having software 2 years old. i mean spotify you cant even control it on the fridge have to use your phone what use is that rubbish.


I have the 2.5 update which has the ring app but SmartThings does not work on my fridge so quite buggy. The Spotify can be controlled on the fridge once you have connected the phone app. 

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