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Dear Samsung Company,

I wanted to share with you my new idea if you don’t mind, Most people all around the world paste slips of papers on the fridge’s door, so I thought why not to prevent this and plan for a fridge that has it’s own electronic writing kit to use for whatever you want to write or draw on the fridge’s door instead of sticking slips of papers on the fridge’s door, I’ll try to explain more with my photo that will be sent to you with this massage.

From Braa Tokan.

ChrisM Moderator



We didn't get any photo through, but we love your idea!

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samsung-family-hub-fridge-product-photos-3.jpgGreat Minds think alike... The Samsung Family Hub has been on sale for a couple of years now. Its screen allows you to access the internet for recipes, leave messages , show photos etc and even watch the TV!!!


Hi again @Andy_P


Thank you very much for sharing, it'll certainly come in handy when writing those all important dates, shopping and to do lists!



Love the idea! 





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