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I have a red key symbol on my ecobbble WM & the door will not open.  What is this?


Hey @Della

This sounds like the chidlock feature. Could you confirm the model code of your washing machine so we can go through the steps to disable this? 

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It wasnt the child lock, as this is a red padlock, we had a red key


We ran a 15min wash and it cleared, we then did a spin and the red key came back, did a 15min wash and it went


We have now done a couple of washes and it hasnt come back.


We will try a spin again and see if the red key comes back, if it does we will call an engineer out under the warranty


Thanks for your reply



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please help my ecobubble washing machine has a solid red key light on it ive only had this a week!


Hi @eco1.

Have you tried the same above steps that @Della tried? 

What's the model code of your washing machine? :smileyhappy:

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Hi all.


Some guidance on the lock/childlock here. I pulled this from it:


"If you see a key indicator rather than a lock,  this means that the door is locked. This may be because the child lock is on but may also be because the cycle is not finished or the machine has detected an error. 


Note that after some cycles, the machine and laundry will be hot when the cycle ends, and the machine will only unlock after it has cooled down for safety reasons."

So for anyone who's getting the key icon (and you know the child lock isn't on) I'd advise checking for any error codes on the display, and if there aren't any, then waiting until the machine cools down. If it's persisting after that, then get in touch with Samsung's Domestic Appliance Support team.


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Red key again


and waited for cool down for 2hours and first wash brand new machine - done as instructed no error code 

ChrisM Moderator

In that case we would suggest speaking to one of our Domestic Appliance specialists, @Family22. You can find all their contact details here.

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@Della I have a red bag smily face symbol in red on screen; will not complete some cycles like quick wash it will not spin out; machene gets stuck on one for ages


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