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Ecobubble keeps extending washing program time (e.g from 1:09 --> 2:45)

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Our new 9 kg Ecobubble washing machine may start the washing program (40c, 3 rinses) showing the washing time to be 1:09.

After some fifiteen minutes of use, the remaining washing time jumps to three hours. 

The local service team has not been able to figure out why this happens. This time-tripling happens on about one out of three times. Any tips?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @PM_Helsinki 


Are you still having this issue or did you manage to get it resolved?

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Issue still is there.

Local Samsung repair shop replaced the 'digital unit' (bottom) and the control panel (up front) of the washer ... and with the new parts we still have the issue.

Before the repair, the issue appeared more often, say every second time. Now it happens around one out of four or five washes. Machine is two months old ... we are likely to return it to the dealer and take another brand.
In addition, our former top-of-the-line Samsung bubble washer had a function to switch off all sounds. This new one has 'switch of sounds' but in practice 90% of the sounds still remain on. This 'forced brand sound tididyys' make the washer impossile to use on weekend mornings, as the electornic disco-sounds wake the kids (wahsing sounds do not).


Ps. Funny thing still: as part of the 'Samsung repair quality control', a third party gallup company called me and asked how the Samsung repair was. I told them, that the repair was not good as it did not fix the problem. To which the gallup caller replied: in that case, I can not continue with the inquireuy questions.   Right. 

ChrisM Moderator

That's strange, @PM_Helsinki. Did you discuss the repair with the Service Centre when you realised it had not fully fixed the issue, and if so, what was their response?

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