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Ecobubble excessive vibration/shaking

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bought an eco bubble 8kg washing machine from Currys (model: WW80J5555FW) recently and when it runs it shakes a lot. 

The shipping screws were removed (there were 3 with this model), it is placed on a solid, level surface (checked and double checked with spirit level!), not in contact with any other object and ran the calibration as per the user manual. 

It runs and washes so pipes etc are also correctly installed. 

So I think I've done everything correctly - or have I missed anything...? Could it be a fault...? 

Thought I'd try ***** before calling support. 


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Having the same problem... checked with spirit level and machine is dead level. Solid floor etc.... when empty machine is silent on 1400 spin and does not vibrate at all.... as soon as washing put in it makes a knocking noise as drum spins and vibrates. Not impressed.  Machine seems to be much lighter than older ones, wonder if that is a problem?

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