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Ecobubble 8kg stops after 1 min

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My washing machine stops after 1 minute and does not start again. I have cleaned the filter, all hoses are straight water pressure is OK. There are no error codes. 


Please help 


This seems to be a common problem. Unfortunately, in my experience and others too, Samsung have been unhelpful.


If the machine is less than 2 years old then it's still under warranty. Samsung are supposed to have increased the warranty to 5 years.


If you read the tread above yours there is information about actions and solutions. Good luck!

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Hi I would check the filter to make sure there are any blockages 





CarolinaW Moderator

Hey @grantrathbone! Is this issue still ongoing? If so, please call our Home Appliance Specialists on: 

0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864) Monday to Sunday | 8am to 10pm. If you need any further support, do let us know! :robothappy:

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