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Drain hose issues on Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine

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I have bought a WW80 Eco Bubble washer. I am having issues with the length of the drain hose. I find it is a few inches too short to reach the sink drainage connection. An extension hose would be overkill for the few extra inches needed so I'm looking for another solution. Other washing machines I've owned had the drain hose coming out of the machine at the bottom, as is the case with this Samsung. But unlike the Samsung, on other machines the hose was loose and could be laid along the kitchen floor or at and angle behind the machine, and then brought up and into the sink cabinet. This Samsung however has a blue plastic clamp securing the drain hose to the top right corner of the maching holding the pipe vertically up the right hand side, and this restricts the loose length of hose available. Can anyone advise if it is ok to disconnect the hose from the blue clamp without affecting the operation of the machines drainage system? Doing this would free up the extra length I heed to connect to the sink drain. I cant see releasing the hose from the clamp as being an issue but I hope someone can confirm this. I previously tried contacting Samsung for advice using thier live chat but this provided no answer and was frankly a waste of my time.    

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Hey @auldain


Are you still having the issue?

If so let me know and I'll forward your question to our Home Appliance people. 


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I'm having the exact same problem. Can you please advise how you went about fixing this?



Hi @Mads7


We've asked our Home Appliance Team for more assistance with this, we'll get back to you as soon as we receive an update from them! 



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My drain hose is too short to reach my house drainage hole. Any solutions or if i can pull the drainage pipe out simply? 

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Hi all.


Our Home Appliance team have  advised us that the hose clamps shouldn't be removed:


" - both the blue and white clamps are required to prevent any siphon issues - both from the waste water and clean water, removing the clamp will make the washing machine drain the water away as soon as it fills via siphoning. There will also be the risk that any waste water poured down the sink will pour into the washing machine if these clamps are removed..."


You can extend the hose using commericially available 1.5m extension kits - but we don't recommend extending by anything more than 1.5m.


In addition, our Home Appliance colleagues have let us know that they'll pass feedback on the hose length to the product R&D team. 


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Hi were having a similar issue with the drain pipework. Could you tell me whether I need a 19mm or a 21mm drain extension as I can't find any information in the instruction booklet.


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