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Disappointment in customer service

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I purchased a Samsung washer six years ago. The washer has a ten year warranty and we used it two to three months per year as we have it in a part time home.  So a very inexpensive part breaks on the machine and we contact the company to ask about buying the part. The value is around 30 euros. 
the problem is they do not make the parts for this machine any longer, and the solution from Samsung is to buy a new machine....


A couple of points I want to make, one is that Samsung is impossible to engage if you have a complaint, in fact they said they do not have a complaints department, second we have a machine under warranty that cannot be fixed and it is tough luck and lastly what a waste of materials to throw a machine away that needs a 1 kilogram part, valued at 30 euros..... very disappointed in the lack of customer service for such a large company. 

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That's not what we like to hear, @Customers1. Could we take the model code of your Washing Machine and some details regarding the faulty part please? Could you also confirm where you're based please?

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See, I am in Finland. I have attached a photo of the model and serial number. We purchased the machine on May 15, here in Oulu. As noted we come to Finland two or three times a year and stay for a month or so each time.   Vern White  22587589-673F-48EB-9EAD-D0EBB25B3F91.jpeg

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Could you describe for us the fault with the Washing Machine and which part needs replacing?

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The pulley wheel valued at thirty euros or less. No longer available. 

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Is there any further response. If not please provide a complaints department contact.


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Cheers @Customers1


Would I be correct in assuming that it’s Samsung Finland you’ve been mainly dealing with for this one?


If so, I'm unsure if Samsung Finland have the same processes as we do in the UK, but they do have a 'Contact Your CEO' option here: which might get your case seen and reviewed by the right people over there.


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I gues I will do that but they only have Finnish, no english option so do not know where to go. As well they said they do not have a complaints section. But you asked about the part, does this mean you are not trying to assist me now.   

i am beyond shocked that such a large and successful corporation has no solution for such a minor issue.....


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Hey, sorry to hear about this, @Customers1.


Whilst I'm no engineer, and so I'm not 100% certain of the part you need. We do have three approved third-party retailers that are still selling parts for your washing machine. I know for a fact that Partsmaster does ship to Finland, but unsure on the others. Here are their sites:

- Partsmaster

- eSpares

- 4ourhouse


Hope you find what you need!


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Looking for the pulley wheel, it has a crack in it, Samsung no longer makes it for this machine. 

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