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Can you transfer warranty?

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Hi there if I was to sell my washer dryer which is still under warranty does the person who buys it still get to benefit from the warranty?

AntS Moderator

Hi @Var! :smileyhappy:


Yes. The warranty stays with the appliance.


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I have negative experience on this.

Moveing to a house, the Samsung applience faced to priblem, the machine has 4 years extension warranty  service tried to solve it by phone, as soon as they undrestand technicion should come and fix it refusing and mentined warranty must transfer in written. Of course everything such as invoice, transaction receipt & evertthing were with me!

I was told you should introduce yourself as pervious owner!!! that I did not.

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Please can you confirm what you need to do if you are tranferring ownership of an appliance with remaining guarantee to ensure the new owner can use the guarantee if ever needed? 


Thank you 

TracyR Moderator

It is advisable that you give a copy of the proof of purchase to the new owner, to make sure that there are no issues should the appliance need servicing. 


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