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Blinking red key on Samsung WF906U4SAWQ

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What does this blinking key means? It is there and blinking no matter if it works or not .

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Checho_85 . Can you send a picture of this? It sounds like it could be the child lock feature. 

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Here is a pic:


At the pic the machine is not working and is open. I dont think it is child lock as it's icon is different and I tried that already.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Checho_85 


If you see a key indicator rather than a lock,  this means that the door is locked. This may be because the child lock is on but may also be because the cycle is not finished or the machine has detected an error. 


Note that after some cycles, the machine and laundry will be hot when the cycle ends, and the machine will only unlock after it has cooled down for safety reasons.


Does the machine display any error message?

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As I mentioned, the machine is empty and sitting likev this for hours with open door, so it is not locked. No errors.

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