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American style fridge feeezor

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I purchased 1 of these around a month ago and have had nothing but trouble and tbh bad customer service I think from currys. 


Fridge was installed told to wait 24hrs before using properly blah blah blah. Come around to using it and no water or no ice. Currys technician came out to find the water feed in pipe had been attached to tightly and crushes the pipe stopping the water from going in. Problem solved.


However I am now getting and huge CLUNK noise coming from my fridge/freezer. Happens every hour or so and Is very loud. Currys technician out again who stood waiting for the noise. To hear it and say And report "this is normal" how can it be??? It's really loud surely it's not? Any help? 



AntS Moderator

Hi @BlueTaylor.


It might be worth you getting in touch with Samsung's Domestic Appliance Support team as they'll be able to give you some expert advice. You'll be able to contact them by any of the means listed here.


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