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American style Fridge freezer ice chute rubber seal torn

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The model is RSH1 DBRS


The square rubbergasket assy that closes off the ice chute is torn at the edges and is causing the Ice maker and chute to get crusted in ice causing the door to not want to open.


I have found a second hand replacement complete assembliy... failed to deliver...  long story.

I have found a similar model that while the mounting plate is slightly different the actuators look to be the same.

But what I would really like to find is simply the rubber seal/gasket/flap on it's own. It is a really easy part to replace. Yet it seems Samsung only USED to sell complete assemblies. Now discontinued.

While American sites seem to have all kinds of stuff, British ones which are compatible don't.

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Hi @Grenadianexpat.


Did you manage to get this sorted out?

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Kind of.


I have a second hand part winging it's way towards me, and I finally noticed that not only were the edges of the flap torn, but the flap was slightly disengaged from its location.

Having sliped it back into position it is no longer freezing up the front of the ice box which was jamming the freezer door. But is still showing signs of it's age.

I had decided if I couldn't access a replacement chute I would make a repair to the rubber with silicone.


So short answer. Currently the situation is resolved.

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