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American Style Fridge Freezer RS7527BHCBC/EU Does this look right to you ?

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Hi we bought an American Style Fridge Freezer and the doors had to be removed to get into kitchen. when it was all put back together again we queried how it looked at the bottom . but have been told it was the only way it could go on.  Looks rather untidy we think. but can someone please confirm . we have had several attempts unsuccesful to close this out . thanks

IMG_1686.jpgshould the ugly tab really be on the outside

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I'm pretty sure you know the answer yourself. There is no way that can be right.

If you can access a display model at a store take a quick look. Advert photo's aren't clear enough, but even a friday fridge wouldn't look that bad. They have reasembled incorrectly, and being good British workmen probably from the firm bodgit and leggit, and that is what they have done.

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Thanks for the repsonse - believe it or not when I contacted Sansung support they said it looked alright . I said I cannot believe a designer would be proud of that.


Anyway will try as you suggest to get a photo - problem is staying in Scotland not aware of anywhere where there is an actual model in store. does not have to be the same one as they are all the same in the range. but i will try to see if there are any other samsung appliances. I did ask samsung to send me a photo of a new one - but the support person said we do not have access to email.  (yes I really believe that )

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