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£66 to change microwave lightbulb

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I have a less than 2 year old Samsung microwave and the interior light has gone.

As it's more than a year old they want £66 to change the light...


They have designed it so that you can't do it yourself, and I don't think it's too much to ask for it to last at least 5 years.


Samsung have refused to accept responsibility..


How many ovens would Samsung sell if people knew that in a 1½ years they'd have to pay again?

ChrisM Moderator

That's not what we like to hear @rooffy. Could we take the full model code of your Microwave so we can have a look into this for you?

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Hello, thank you for responding.

It's model MC28H5013AK.


After I was told by Samsung absolutely not interested, I tried to escalate it to a support manager, but they still said no.

For a microwave less than 2 years old this is extremely poor.


Luckily it was purchased from John Lewis and they have been more than happy to help.



ChrisM Moderator

Has the light now been replaced, @rooffy?

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No not yet,  as needed to find the receipt.


What I didn't like was having set up a repair with Samsung, it was all arranged, Samsung then called the repairer's and told them it wouldn't be covered under warranty.

Why be so sneeky, surely they should have told me this, not get the repairer to do Samsung's dirty work..


Be honest..

ChrisM Moderator

We understand your frustration, @rooffy and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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The apology is appreciated but I feel its more important to support your products..

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I need to book an engineer, John Lewis have told me to ring Samsung on 0330 7267864. But when I speak to customer service, because the microwave is over 1 year old they refuse to book an engineer for me!!! When I speak to John Lewis they tell me to ring Samsung, this is crazy!!!


Please just book me an engineer, I beg you...

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