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3 month old Washer Dryer not drying properly


Hello, we purchased a new washer dryer around 3 months ago, it is the 12kg model with model number WD12J8400GW. We absolutely LOVE it and we are sure the following is an error on our part...

When put on a dry cycle, for the last week or so the clothes have not been drying as they used to. Clothes come out damp after many long cycles. Before this, just putting it on the 'Extra Dry' setting could easily sort 9kg of thick towels!

One thing we have noticed is that there is alot of steam when a dry cycle is done, before the steam seemed to be removed by the time we could open the door.

Have checked and cleaned the lint filter, so not that.

Any help greatly appreciated!



Washer dryers cant dry the same amount as they wash, check the front of the machine, I think the one you have in max 8kg dry.


If you overload there is no room for clothes to tumble so they just get hot make lots of steam and take ages to dry.


This may be the problem.

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I have the same model of washing machine (WD12J8400GW/EU) and it has started doing the same thing. It is definitely not overloaded and I I cleaned out the filter also.

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Hi @DawsonUK

If you have a particularly large load of laundry you might want to try the Time Dry option (a shirt symbol with an inset clock), accessible by tapping the Dry Level button below the display. From here you can select a specified time from 30 mins to 4hrs 30 mins to reflect the laundry quantity and moisture.

I have since contacted Samsung. As the machine was under warranty they immediately sent out am Engineer. The Engineer himself told me that he had just replaced the same part on the same model the job before me!

Apparently this is a common problem with this model. He just swapped out the dryer heater for a new one and has worked fine since. This was 4 months ago. I am slightly concerned this will happen again down the line.

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