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wifi may not be available

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wifi may not be available. I have this problem when i turn off my mobile data -4g and connect to wifi it says wifi may not be available and i have to turn off and then turn on wifi but thats not helping sometimes i will restart my phone and than it seems good for copple of minutes then it will say wifi may not be available again and i dont know how to fix it, it drives me crazy Please help me !!!
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Is this the same Experience when your connecting to any wifi @Zetroph 


Maybe try forgetting the network in your wifi settings and then reset it back up.


If it's happening when your trying to connect to any wifi then as a last resort back up and factory reset.


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test on the phone. 



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Not with any wifi mostly mine at home.I tried many many times to forget the network and restart my phone, even i restart my internet router . It will be fixed for maybe 1-2 min at after that the same again wifi may not be available. Sometimes when i dont use my mobile data for copple of days mostly i dont have problem with the wifi. With the latest one ui. Update it started to do this and it drives me crazyyyy !! 

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