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when oh when will you let us put our own ring tones on our txts so we know who is texting us on the s9

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why oh why is there no way of putting our own tones /music on our txts so we know who the hell it is txting us i need it back i use that for my job its the only way i know who i need to go to to care for them and help them but now i am unable to do this thanks to the s9 not having it if i had known this i WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGTHT THE 2 I HAVE i would have gone with a different phone not happy at all samsung come on this was one of the reasons i used the phones but now i am lost with out it so are my people i go to help and see  daily  as a carer so please fix this asap dont make me regret buying these phones i loved the sm4 mini and s6 and s7 i jumped straight to the s9 maybe that was a bad idea  so PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM SAMSUNG 

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Hi @crazycatlady66. Go to Contact > Edit > View more > Ringtone and you should be able to assign different ones here. 'Add' will let you use some of your music that is saved on various Cloud accounts. Hope this helps.

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