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sending pictures through text messaging

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I just got my Galaxy S9   When I try to send pictures via a text it only allows one picture at a time!   When I was composing my text I clicked on 3 pictures.   it automatically sent 3 texts to that person with one picture in each text!   I did a live chat and they told me I had to contact my provider  for help????    I am on the same account as my son and he sent me a text with 3 pictures in one text no problem!!!   What is going on?  Can this be changed??

That happens to me a lot. I've managed to get two pics to go through sometimes, depending on the size. Would be nice not to have to do one or two at a time, though!
ChrisM Moderator

Hi @AZNanny and @Jillybeans.


When your messages are being sent, they will be converted to MMS messages and your Network Operator will have their own limit on the size of the message they will allow you to send in any one message.


You may also be charged for these messages so it's worthwhile checking with your Network Operator.

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