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"The latest updates have been installed" but the security patch date is months ago

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My new S9 is telling me that there are no new updates and the security patch level is August 2018, but it's now December and I can see on the web that there have been monthly updates since then.


My CSC says XEU/AUT and I'm in the UK, so I'd expect it to download. How can I force it to update?

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You can't force it to update @g-star


Going from your CSC Code that points to me that the phone hasn't been supplied directly by Samsung but by somewhere like Carphone Warehouse.


From a Google search the csc code AUT could mean Australia or Switzerland ! Don't quote me on this.


Sounds like a multi-country csc.


It has been discussed in the past elsewhere that Carphone Warehouse sourced phones not 100% destined for the UK market.


The phones supplied directly by Samsung are BTU.


Can you use the PHONE INFO app from the play store and screen shot it and post it here.


From my own experience when buying a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge from Carphone Warehouse the csc code was XEU and as such the updates were slow to come through.



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Hi, I also have the same problem as you and my one also says august 2018 and I bought my phone from carphone warehouse

My one says Netherlands Screenshot_20190102-094522.jpg


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Sorry I've left this a week. I'm back now.


I downlaoded that app, and it says UK only. I don't know where I got that weird AUT (Switzerland, oddly) idea from!



I note your comment about XEU taking a long time, but the manufacture date is August, and the phone says that's the most up to date. That's not just slow, that's "not happening".


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