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"Direct Call" feature causing unintentional calling

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For a while now, my phone has been unintentionally calling people, usually when I put my phone in my pocket just after texting them.

Recently, I looked into the issue and found that one of the "Motions and Gestures" in the Settings is something called "Direct Call," which appears to be on by default. According to the description, it lets you put your phone next to your ear when somebody's contact information or text history is displayed to call them.

Although this is a cool feature in theory, it seems likely to be the cause of my unintentional calls, probably due to the phone confusing the side of my leg with  my ear. I'd just like to put this out there so that people with the same problem can disable this feature.

I'd also like to suggest that Samsung improve the accuracy of this feature and/or set it to be off by default. Especially since Direct Call is never explained to the user except in the Settings menu, it makes sense that the only way to set it active should be through the Settings menu. Thanks!

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I've been using the feature successfully with no problems since galaxy s3, but only recently it has started unintentionally dialing when I put my phone in my pocket with my s9.

I also switched off another 2 :
Go to “settings - advanced functions - movements” and there on the bottom you have a button “swipe for call/message...” I have switched this off. I guess I accidentally swiped over the screen when closing my cover ? Its worth the try...
I also switched off the first button on that page “lift to activate” Also I switched off the button “settings - advanced functions - making animations smaller”
Together with switching off the “direct call” as you mentioned, my problem has been solved
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