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neSamsung S9 Region Lock not disabled despite fulfilling requirements

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I bought a S9 (not network locked) from Sweden last week and proceeded to call a friend for 20 minutes in order to lift the requirements of the region lock due to a two month stay in Singapore I would be going on the following day. Upon arriving, the phone was still locked. Is there any way to solve this while still here or to even check if the region lock is active? I am very disappointed in this, considering I followed instructions given on the web and on the box.

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Superuser I

That's weird as the region lock should lift once a person has made the required calls while within the country of purchase using a local sim card. 


I'm assuming that you purchased the phone direct from a Samsung Official Store ?


If so I think your going to need to speak to that countries Samsung Customer services.


If you purchased from a 3rd party then you'd need to speak to them. 


I wish you well with the situation. 



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