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knox 0x1


@BandOfBrothers wrote:

it triggers an e-fuse meaning it's permanent.


Yup, that is exctly what has happened. As  you will have noticed, things like S-health and Samsung Pay will be having none of it now. I did this to my S7Edge when trying to 'root' it years ago.


Bit of a pisser!


Basically, the person before you rooted it.

0x1 is rooted or previously rooted 

1x1 is rooted with unofficial firmware. (Full Knox trip)

Now, there is much talk online about the warranty of these tripped counters and it seems that some people previously have got warranty service on 0x1 but warranty is lost with 1x1

But however there is no way for Samsung to reset the trip, it is a electronic fuse that has been triggered and will never be in the 0 position again.


Is it true that it is possible to reset knox  counter!?


For now, there's no way to reset the counter and its impossible to reset it.
I have the same experience. After I do this, full of regrets.
You can't have access to Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Health or any banking apps because you rooted it.


He can access Google Play and all the apps but not Samsung apps that need Knox like Samsung Pay Samsung Health Secure Folder Samsung Pass

any app else will be fine.

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