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is s9 that good

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is the galaxy s9 that good


I dont know what you heard but is it that good? Well the camera is great, its fast, not impressed by battery life. Other than that I don't feel a real difference between it and my s7 edge, kinda like the way I didnt notice a big difference from the s5 to s7 edge. Dont get me wrong its a great fone but not a game changer. 


Yup, I would have to agree with Nially; I upgraded from an S7  Edge to the S9+ and if it wasn't for the fact that I had tripped KNOX rendering shealth useless and dropped it on the bus when I fell asleep :smileyembarrassed: (cracking the screen) I would say it isn't worth the upgrade.


Looking at the forums (UK and US) it is apparent that the firmaware is still pretty buggy (eg. only one speaker working on notifications and VR) and there seems to be a  number of basic functions from previous android builds that are now missing.


I wish that I didn't upgrade and now look to be waiting 3 odd years before some form of significant upgrade comes out on the market.


If folk thinik I am being harsh, I should point out that the camera is not a major selling point for me. On a plus side, the battery hasn't blown up yet!! :smileylol:

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