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how to change colour of text messages

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The Fixx you describe does not give me the option on my phone to change any background.
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Ok ...when you have  a message up ..hit the 3 dots...several things will come up...delete  etc.

Hit the CUSTOMIZE.....this will add color to your messages or out.

@Mike10101010...Notta. 3 dots bring up @Mike10101010 the word customise NEVER comes up for me under anything listed in 3 dots...
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I totally agree this ugly real sucks I didn't realize you couldn't change the color until I read this thread because I do remember changing it many times on my old Samsung phones. Thank you! Now I don't have to waste 2 more hours trying to figure out how to do something that isn't possible..😑

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As of the latest update there is dark mode:


Settings ---> Display ---> Night mode


This will push a dark theme across all native Samsung apps. 


I would just like to make some comments after I’ve also spent hours trying to figure out how to change various text colors, themes, backgrounds, etc.  It is frustrating when you make one change and then everything else gets changed again and again.  Then, you start over and it happens again. But I’ve come to realize that this is part of the world of Android.  I went Android because I wanted to be able to be creative and have fun with characters, color, change (constant), on my cell phone and not have to be pigeonholed into a phone that was always the same.  Always looked the same.  So, when you choose Android keep in mind that you have to have alot of patience .  Along with the fun of Android comes alot of things that don’t work the first time, or 2nd, or 3rd.  Here’s where we all come in.  Figure it out.  This is the nature of Android and I’ll be the first to proclaim frustration, for longer than I can stand but it presents a challenge for me to get it fixed until I like it.  Don’t blame Samsung, or any other Android system.  Get behind Open Source and keep the power with those who make use of their brains.

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