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error: "Sim card tray slot problem....There seems to be something in your SIM card tray slot that doesn't belong there..."

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Since the last July update of my S9+ Duo Sim, i'm getting this error message:

 "Sim card tray slot problem....There seems to be something in your SIM card tray slot that doesn't belong there, Check it and try again" 

When i'm using 2x sims and a sd card.

This was working fine before and not anymore.

if you are in the same situation, let's sue Samsung for this !

removing a fonctionality even not suported is not allowed in EU.

Class action are now possible in EU.

Follow me and ask Samsung to solve this issue or let's get a financial compensation for it.

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Hi Jeremy!

First things first: Sueing Samsung? Good luck

Please remember that only the vendor that sold you the product has an agreement with you (Including the contractual obligations) with all the responsibilities that come with it (Which includes processing of the warranty). Any lawsuit with anyone but the vendor will in my be a major waste of time and money .

All the additional service the manufacturer gives to the end user is effectively "extra service" that they are not obligated to give (And I think they are doing a great job ).

Personally I have a galaxy S9+ and I'm not experiencing any issues at all. Anyway, did you already send your device to the vendor for warranty?

Anyway, can you inform me if you decide to sue them? I would personally buy some popcorn and enjoy the show
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I would like to add that the combination of an SD and SIM card in the same tray, was never actually a supported feature. The issues this can cause are far greater than the cons, since defects can void warranty since it's caused by user damage (improper usage). 


The phone has 2 slots, one is always an SD slot and the other can be either, not both.

"Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress"
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Hi Nick,


Here is the problem. The Note9 in my case (as well as the S9 probably) are advertised as a duos models. This means it will allow you to use two SIM cards. For some people it is important that they can use two SIM cards at the same time. So they look for the Duos models to take advantage of this feature. And the phone also indicates SD card support. Since the provided space is always scarse and often used to a high degree with the OS itselt, the usage of an SD card is pretty much a must. If I wouldn't want an SD card, I could also get an iPhone, right?


Now my story goes back to the S7 Duos phone that I ONLY bought BECAUSE it supported this unofficial workaround around the commercial scam of the Duos series not having an "extra" SD card slot. I bought the Note 9 now, because I could still use this workaround. And the second day I was using it, Samsung turns it into a brick (for me) with an update. The update release notes do not warn of the change. It just refuses to boot with a slap in the face.


Personally I think it is an outrage that a company like Samsung would even pull a pathetic "either SD or SIM" type feature.


I get it why Samsung is afraid of this workaroud. Not all SIM or SD cards are made equal so total thickness might vary. Also not all people are skilled enough to perform this workaround - adding unnecessary thickness. And I am sure that if something goes wrong - people want to claim warranty from Samsung. Reasons against using this workaround: water resistance comes to mind, or even the forces on the connector or the PCB itself.


But why doesn't Samsung instead FIX the real problem here? I mean... Did you see the size of the micro SD cards? Please don't tell me Samsung can't find a few cubic mm of space in the phone. Just use a different type of card tray. And stop insulting your customers with "haha, we didn't say you can use both the second SIM or the SD card at the same time" and then proceed with blocking this with a firmware update.


Do you know what my reaction will be to this update? I am stuck with this Note 9... So I will roll it back to the original firmware. This will remove enhancements and security updates making my phone (and the phones of other people like me) less secure and more crappy. Option two is rooting the phone... But I believe Knox refuses to work on a rooted phone... I get it why... But you are leaving me no good options.

I feel violated and I feel like I had no control over what will happen after I install the update. I should have been warned that an update will remove a feature I am relaying upon to be able to use a product (even if it is not a documented feature). I wouldn't mind sacrificing a part of my waranty (water resistance and say board damage from card pressure) to be able to use this feature. Hell, Samsung can record me in their system as using two SIMs and an SD card.


I will certainly remember this the next time I am buying a phone. I have owned pretty much every Samsung Galaxy S model that was ever made. But you know what? Huawe is making excellent phones now. Hell did you see the Xiaomi Pocophone F1? Pricing is also excellent with the competition.


So... In the spirit of #DoWhatYouCant ... How is this SIM+SD card workaround not innovation?

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I get your reasoning. The best, and I guess for now only, solution would be to have a phone with 3 slots. Whether that's something that's coming or not is something I wouldn't know, so I can't have anything to offer you in that regard. The answer I gave is the reasoning used for the removal of the function. Whether you need that option and decide to do something that voids warranty is completely up to you, the end user. 


Of course my answer doesn't mean I didn't give feedback towards the decision. But I only have the answer, no solution or update which would say: an update is coming to bring back the feature. 


Although I do appreciate your feedback, which is so conclusive and shows there are users that really want such a future. 


So I guess for now I wish you good luck with the choice you make or the steps you take, whether that's changing something in our phone or actually buying a different one. 

"Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress"
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The same happened to me. Please ask Samsung to correct this issue
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Hello all, Hello esüecially to the boys in Samsung who made this happen. 


Basically, i think it is NOT nice to destroy a very conveninent function of the Samsung galaxy. What is the loss of removing a functionality which many people who have dual sims samsung phone? Money? So what is the point of adding such an extra function telling folks like us that there seems to be something in your tray and then forcing us to choose between the SD card or the 2nd sims card? 


I find that this notification and blocking very unneccesary and i am sure many samsung users of duo phones like me will think like me too. So please issue another update to debug this 'Sim card tray slot problem....There seems to be something in your SIM card tray slot that doesn't belong there' If not, i think many people must be thinking that the iphone X with its esim function is beginning to look very atrractive. 


You see, its not about the money that is keeping your customers happy... It is the practiality of a samsung dual phone and when that is gone, you might be looking at the loss of many once-time-loyal-to-Samsung-phones slowly going away. 


Thank you for reading this. 

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Loyal to S series since S2. 

First time I felt violated by Samsung, no warning whatsoever?!

First months I was searching for solutions... Now I'm searching for a new phone.

Thank you very much Samsung!!! 


Very dissapointed customer

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