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Youtube not full screen on s9


Guys. If anyone having issues getting full screen on YouTube (pinch to zoom option). Then read on. First this is not a s9 issue it's a YouTube update issue.


Solution: update YouTube app. Go into settings. Apps. Find the YouTube app. Click delete cache. Force close the app. Then restart your s9. This should bring back your pinch to zoom mode. If not do the action again but uninstall YouTube then reinstall it from the app store.


Hope this helps someone

Peace out sean 


I had this .... you need to download an older version I did this and now it works in full screen great 

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I already fixed that, but still i have this game app called dn and i'm trying to full screen it  I already did it in full screen up but it didnt work and I uninstalled it then try again still it didnt work do you know how to fix this? Or did i just click something?

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For games you can use gametool to make it full screen
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