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You need to get rid of the text below an app on the home screen

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We need to get rid of the app icon text on the home screen it will make it look soo much sleeker

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Superuser I

I agree it would be cleaner to the eye and  the same way they are shown in the dock with no label.


However for me I prefer a clean looking homescreen so I mainly use the Apps edge feature and folders when I swipe up {See attachment. }


For those that like having lots of apps on their homescreen it could get a little confusing as to which one is which especially if they use an icon pack or theme. 


Possibly a launcher such as Nova Prime might be able to remove the app names as an interim fix.


Also if you send your feedback via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + app it will get to the relevant Department. 


Maybe they could introduce a toggle to show or hide the names !

Screenshot_20190217-054451_Samsung Experience Home.jpgHomescreen.






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