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Will a Galaxy S7 Power Adapter and wireless Charger on a Galaxy S9

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HI, Just recently upgraded to a Galaxy S9 and was wondering if the power adapter and the wireless charger from my Galaxy S7 edge would work on my Galaxy S9.... Thanks in advance..




Yes both will work fine obviously the s7 has a micro usb so you will need to use the cable that came with the s9 as it’s USB C or you can use the adaptor in the box.


But yes all will work great 

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Hi! Just to confirm regarding the wireless charger: the S7 wireless charger I have will work fine in my new S9 right? I've tried it and it charges,with Fast Charging. But since Samsung sells a specific S9 wireless charger I wonder what may be the difference... Thank you

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my wireless charger for the S& does not charge fast when I put my new S( on it. Nasty, they want you to buy a new wireless charger.
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