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Who is responsible for the PIE update, and how do we get our messages to them?


I have a lot to b*tch about.

1. I am FORCED to accept the update. 

2. The update took TWO entire days , with over a dozen, different updates. That was about a month ago.

3. Yesterday , out of nowhere, it does it again!..165 mb of bull$hit.

4. Doesn't work with themes.

5.I HATE a white screen!'s too bright.

6.I HATE the idi0tic big, round, spongey looking Mattel -toy graphics. What moron did this? I WANT A NAME AND AN EMAIL ADDRESS.

7. A smartphone is supposed to be a useful tool to streamline my workday. This android update has made my device an obstruction. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

You can send your feedback via the Samsung Members App  / Samsung + App.


Yes some themes aren't quite compatible yet. A person can let the developer of the theme know thisnsonthey can work on updating the theme if their so inclined.


You could use Night Mode in settings if the white screen is too much.


You can change the icons either by looking at the icon packs in the Samsung Theme Store or use a 3rd party launcher such as Nova Prime and change the icons. 


The Goodlock App brings some good customisation too.


The Samsung One Ui  / Pie is here to stay so the best way forward I've found is to start giving feedback via the route I've mentioned above.



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