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Where is the 360 camera mode?


ok, people, all you need for 360 photos is google street view. It has built in create 360 photo. No moded half working cameras, just the official app from the store.


Now let's focus on the more important mode: who knows how to enamble dual shot (photo and video with both front and back cameras at the same time, just google "samsung dual shot")? I'm tired of being the only one in the group  that takes picures and never being in any of them.

I hate my Note 9 more and more every day. From the new stupid messaging app that I can't personalize with a photo because they want to promote and sell their stupid themes.. now I notice the 360 camera mode is GONE along with the sport mode.. quit taking stuff away from us Samsung I'm getting ready to burn this POS and go back to my Broken screen S8 or maybe I'll just switch brands all together.
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