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Welcome to the new Galaxy...

Hmm. To be honest I don't know, perhaps not as there was no s8 mini
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Hi, my name is Helen, I've had my shiny new S9+ less than a week and loving it so far.

I'm a geek from way back, I started working with computers in 1984 before most people knew what they were. I went to see the original Star Wars films, Bladerunner etc at the cinema. My favourite sci-fi film is Silent Running. I've read pretty much everything Asimov, Douglas Adams, John Wyndham ever wrote, I love that I can watch movies and read books on my phone.

We're into the realms of science fiction for me now when you consider there were only 3 tv channels in the UK when I was born and Atari was the first games console I owned.

I've had the S2,3,4 and 5. I didn't buy the S6 due to no external storage. I got a S7 about 18 months ago which I have passed on to my teenaged son to justify buying the S9+. It's the largest phone I have ever owned but I don't find it to be too big to use.

I really like the internet of things capability, Samsung Health, all the weird and wonderful little bits these phones can do.

I'm still finding new things in this phone, I'm sure I'll find more when I take it on holiday next week and have more time to play with it.

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