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Weak WiFi on S9

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Hi folks, I've just moved from IPhone to Galaxy S9 and I've noticed the WiFi signal on my phone seems to be very weak. I have sky q broadband with decent speeds of around 70mBs .... I have done all the usual resets etc but no improvement. 

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I went from the S7 to S9. Wifi connection is terrible in comparison. Doesn't look like there is a fix. Good thing I bought this phone at Costco. Samsung needs to wake up and fix this issue. I used the s7 and s9 at same time on same webpage. S7 was much much faster. They need to fix this. Tried the usual suggestions it's still slow. In fact I'm using my data instead of wifi to write this! 

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I have galaxy S3 Galaxy S5 and S9. WIfi on S9 the weakest. I'm put this 3 phones on table. S3 find 20 available wifi, s5 find 24 availabe wifi, but S9 find 7 available wifi signals. I test wifi with Wifi analyzer, S5 the best wifi, Galaxy S3 lower, and S9 lower lower than 5-10db with galaxy S3. English is bad

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