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Ways around the new update!

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I have to say I'm not all that happy with the new look,


the icons look cheap, so I've resorted to downloading new icons in the theme store.


The  split screen feature is a bit trickier to find now, you can still do it by holding the icon at the top of the card, then "open in split screen mode" 


But the biggest sin was getting rid of photo editor pro. I suppose I'll have to look at downloading an app to do the job,


what's with those daft selfie stickers, does anyone actually use them? Surely they could be removed to make way for something else. 


Also is anyone using Bixby? Because I noticed a Bixby remapper app in the Google play store for anyone that's interested.


What are your thoughts and tips on all this?


Most of the editor is still there, just in the gallery now instead but snapseed is excellent. It's pretty amazing the stuff it can do. 


Also worth installing goodlock from the galaxy store to have other options for the multi window etc too. 



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