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Watching videos s9 or pie


I have been scratching my head with this for a few weeks now.

1st off lets just say i cant stand what had been done to my phone with this Pie update. But now when watching videos from the web or apps, the screen is acting as tho nobody is using the phone and it just switches to sleep therefor i need to wake it up again. Is there anybody with the same issue.

I dont want to change the screen timeout to any longer than a minute and cant seem to find any other way round this without touching the screen every minute. Thanks for any help in advance


Not sure if this is what's causing your problem, but most apps, when they are installed, are set to "optimise" battery usage by default which leads to them being disabled after a short time. Try this




Select any app


Optimise Battery Usage

at the top of the screen change Apps not Optimised to All Apps

Scroll down to your video player app

Make sure the slider is off (no blue)


If that is the problem, then this should fix it.


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