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Video Recording in Pro Mode on One UI/Pie 9.0


If I could return my S9+ I would not hesitate for a minute. Problem is I pre-ordered almost 1 year ago... 

They probably don't have a clue how bad it can get when you don't use Pro Mode Video in terms of  noise / grain on the video under some more challenging conditions. It's just the matter of time when Youtube will be flooded with videos made by the angry cinematographers trying to drive their point to Samsung support.


Good job Samsung, and also perfect timing- these videos will be very popular among users that pre-order and and have lots of time to think if they have made the right choice. And don't forget to cripple the Pro mode video also for all S8 users to make them very unhappy as well .......




Samsung do worng way. They make Note 8 user buy their new phone by remove video record by pro mode. I am Note 8 user. I think i will sale this Samsung Note 8 and buy another brand name. Samsung is stupid when they remove this mode.


Why? Because i need to record video on some custom white balance. Their Camera App for Note 8 remove this method.


i am so disapointed. if its not going to fix i want to return my note 9 as it is no more usefull for me....

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I would also appreciate Video Pro Mode and full camera API provided to Filmic Pro App as it is essential thing for anyone who is concerned in making serious video content. Hope I will not make a mistake with buying S10 Plus. I couldn't believe it when I heard it for the first time. Something I thought it's a sure feature.


Absolutely - the full API should be provided to third party apps. 


Else, make your native Samsung App as capable as the third party apps. 


Bring PRO mode video back!!!

Hi there
Are you saying Filmic Pro does not work properly on Samsung S9+ too?
This story is getting more unbeleible.

Are you also saying the S10+ does not have full Video Pro shooting mode either?

Yes, there is no Pro Mode - video record button in the new oneUI on AndroidPi which is common for S9/S9+, S10 flavors   ; Assuming it is a bug is wrong because - I was monitoring the help string that they had, when in Beta. 


It used to say

- Take Pro Mode photos and videos 

now its changed to 

- Take Pro mode photos


This is a deliberate change. 


I think that filmic pro doesn't has 4k at 60fps but only 30 fps because Samsung doesn't allow third party applications access to that feature.... and samsung own pro mode isn't working..... so it's just an incredibly unbelievable idiocy!




I don't have time to test S10 or S10+ yet. Anyone here try it? Do they have Video Pro Mode? If they have, i belive samsung play downgrade game for software to push buyer buy new phone.


No bro its not included either on S10 S10 PLUS
it's a shame!!!

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