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VPN is broken in Galaxy S9

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when you say reboot, you mean factory reset or?


It works for me with the One UI beta (Android P)

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How do I get VPN working on my S9+? I live in the UAE where most things are blocked therefore VPN is essential. i relly like Samsung but this time they screwed me over. 


Samsung need to fix this ASAP.

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How did you get it working? i don't get the whole One beta UI thing you're talking about.
Please explain it to me.

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Agree Samsung screwed us up, wouldn't get any Samsung before I'm 100% sure VPN is working. 

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You should be able to change the VPN protocol as well as "scramble" which helps bypass any VPN blocking.

No need to reset the phone.  Worked on the first try.

Using IPVanish, but should work with any of the other big names.  Hope this helps.

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this issue has definitely not been resolved and from what my troubleshooting has discovered with an unstable router at home and 4G mobile service that every time either of them switch vpn it gets locked up. force closing sometimes works.


I'm on a Samsung Galaxy note 9 512gb edition special order only through Verizon $1,300 for this phone 1300 plus. 

it's got the most current Android 8.1 and all of it security updates.

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What VPN service do you have? I have CyberGhost VPN for both my computer and my S9+. I ran into a similar issue 

with their android program as the google play store told me that my phone wasn't compatible with the app.

Rebooting DID NOT WORK btw. 

I got on a computer chat window with their help desk and they provided me with a temporary link to download the app directly to my phone. I recommend you do that with your VPN company. 


Authorize the vpn application as Admin from security settingsScreenshot_20190505-173225_Settings.jpg


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Thanks for the info. I've created a support ticket with OpenVPN for OpenVPN Connect and also filed an issue with OpenVPN for Android.



  1. File a ticket at the 1st link above referencing Ticket ID #OVP-438-18981
  2. Comment on the thread at the 2nd link so the dev knows there's demand for this feature


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