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VPN PPTP Broken with HotSpot Galaxy S9


Patch of the day: G960FXXS1BRF3
And no correction. I'm getting tired of amateurs pretending to be developers at Samsung.
Aren't you tired of taking your clients for *****s ?


Can you tell this problem that people at Samsung start working and finally justify the price of this *****ing phone ?



Still no solution.

they ask me to install Samsung members so that I send a report from the telephone to help the diagnosis so that a i.d.i.o.t hotliner answers me to explain how to configure my S7 phone in hotspot.

In addition to being incompetent, they can not read. So it's an S9 and then, I do not need stupid hotliner to configure my phone.

I wish that a person equipped with a brain and knowing how to use it finally make up this problem if it is not too much to ask.

I'm sick of it



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Experiencing the same issue, and tested with Yamaha RTX 830. The result is as below


2018/07/13 18:01:34: TUNNEL[01] PPTP connection is established: 183.**.**.**
2018/07/13 18:01:34: PP[ANONYMOUS01] PPTP Connect
2018/07/13 18:02:04: PP[ANONYMOUS01] Give up establishing PPP/LCP in REQSENT
2018/07/13 18:02:04: PP[ANONYMOUS01] PPTP Disconnecting, cause [PPP: LCP Timeout]
2018/07/13 18:02:04: PP[ANONYMOUS01] PPP/LCP aborted
2018/07/13 18:02:05: PP[ANONYMOUS01] PPTP Disconnected, cause [PPP: LCP Timeout]
2018/07/13 18:02:05: TUNNEL[01] PPTP connection is closed: 183.**.**.**


It seems Yamaha gave up establishing a connection in 30 sec without getting any reply from the device.

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Same problem here with the S9+, Samsung refuse to concede it is the phone, it is everything else but the phone.

They don't even seem to know what they ae testing for, tried to pass me off with saying the AREO siftware wasn;t up to date on the s9 or the VPN ghadb\n;t been configured for AREO. How come an S8 works, along with a Galaxy Edgw. I am demanding a refund and will never buy anothe Samsung product, their service sucks.

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And so does changing hardware over to L2TP IPsec VPN or other VPN types, the issue here is that PPTP is broken on the new S9 and Samsung will not acknowledge nor fix it.

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oh, so there is no moderator here who look after the issues people mention here.

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Hi all.


We've pitched this at our software team, but haven't received a reply from them on it as of yet. We'll keep you posted on any progress on it. 


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VPN PPTP Broken with HotSpot Galaxy S9


i have a ticket opened in SAMSUNG MEMBERS.


i m waiting a answer for this problem. Ticket open since 2 weeks.


Wait and see ...

messages of yesterday are deleted ??!! it's joke ?
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