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VPN PPTP Broken with HotSpot Galaxy S9




VPN PPTP work on the Phone

-- BUT --

If I enable Hotspot of S9 and i connect my PC to HotSpot of S9, I can't connect to a PPTP VPN.


This is a problem of soft. Maybe Ports are blocked or protocol GRE ? But there is really a problem !


EDIT : With Samsung S7 => It work ! It's really a problem of S9 ...


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 5 month to a patch !!!

it took lot of time time but it's finally patched


Today : G960FXXU2BRGA


PPTP Vpn with hotspot is ok !!!!!!!!!!! Incredible !!


I'm really disappointed with the time it took but thank you for the patch


Anyone to confirm the last update is OK ?


technical support asks me to send the phone for repair ...


Ridiculous ...


No news, no patch


PPTP with Hotspot of S9 is broken.

It's ok with S8, S9, LG G3 and maybe a nokia 3310 (sic)


Please patch your ********* S9 !!


Upgrade today : G960FPUU1BRE5 


No patch for PPTP.


Help, Samsung is looking for developers with brain and talent ...

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Same problem here!

Really makes a lot of difference not having this issue solved.

Samsung, please solve it fast!!!!


1 month . 


0 patch ...


it's a shame when we see the price of this phone

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I have the same problem and I can't work with my phone without a VPN connection...

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Any resolve on this issue?  I just purchased this phone and now feel like I made a big mistake.  I travel 5 days out of the week and provide remote diagnostics services to more than 30 remote sites, all of which are using a PPTP VPN setup. 


I just upgraded from my Galaxy 6 Edge and was so far impressed with the new Galaxy 9, UNTILL THIS! 


Hopefully Samsung will get this fixed ASAP!   I cannot keep this phone if they don't.

at the moment, there is no solution.

The only solution is a patch and samsung doesn't care about it. It's really ridiculous
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