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VPN PPTP Broken with HotSpot Galaxy S9 (against with Android 9)

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Is anyone from Samsung paying any attention? . This is quite a serious defect 


Samsung, please listen to the cries! We need this for business!


I have this issue with Note9, major problem when i'm away form the office!

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I am a Brazilian customer, the 'Claro' career released yesterday android 9 update, and pptp VPN is out again.

How that happens and when will be solved?

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Everyone go to Samsung support live chat. Reference this chat web link. make sure you ask for a ticket number.\
I have reported this 3 times and every time support says this is the first report. With out a ticket number the problem does not exist.
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I have send a Mail to German Support.

The Answer was: Reset you Phone.


I write back:

That does not solve the Problem

and send a Link to this Chat.




Still no hope to make it running ...
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I just recieved the latest update.  It seems to be fixed.  I am running  S9+



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actually with version: G965FOXM3CSD1/G965FXXS3CSD2 doesn't seem to be fixed

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I am version G965USQU4CSC7.

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