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When uploading photos to my windows 10 pc

It transfers everything files of game pictures and adverts.

These files are not anywhere in my gallery and I cant find or see them to delete.

This results I'm uploading 1000s of pictures everytime even if only 30 new photos on phone 

Please help it's been driving me mad.

Using an s9 plus but this also happened on my s7

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hello @Djdees3373 @, how do you proceed for the transfer of photos? Make me screenshots if possible ..


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TessM Moderator

Hey @Djdees3373 ,


are you able to tell me how are you transferring this or send a picture of the process on the phone as our Superuser @Cassidy007 mentioned?


You can also take a look at this link: to find other ways to transfer photos from your phone to the PC.



Hi I'm doing it via USB

Right clicking on the s9 part

TessM Moderator

Does this happen every time that you try to transfer files? Are these pictures being taken with your camera and where are they saved (SD card, phone's internal memory or Cloud)? 


Are you able to try any of the alternative method provided in my last post?


Photos are on sd card. I've no idea where the adverts and game pics come from

I will try some of your sugestion


Thank you for your help


Actually, no matter the photos saved on Samsung phone's internal memory or sd card, you can use Samsung mobile manager tool to help you access to them easily. With its help, all the photos will be scanned out and displayed on program window. Then you can preview and choose them to transfer to your windows 10 pc directly.

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