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Updated contacts names unreadable

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I actually fixed mine.   I had to remove my themes and find an updated one that would work that was the problem


Thanx for this tip - will try it out! I'd been into Themes & noticed my theme wasn't there. Think it was one I'd paid for too!! Didn't think to change it cos I was very happy with what I had.

Will let you know if it works for me.

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Yes, has happened to me this week after update.
Perhaps we should all have phoned have phoned Samsung - then they'd have heard of it!
I changed my theme - took several attempts to find one that worked! Now on day two of trying to get the phone back the way I want it as changing theme also removed loads of icons too.
Changed theme, as suggested by another member, but took several attempts to find one that worked!

My Samsung S9 phone contacts list is unreadable after recent update. Grey background with white names. I have restarted phone x2 with no effect.

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