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been a loyal Samsung user since the s4 never really had problems. Just done the new update omg what have they done it sucks and no way to change back spent over 800 for a great looking great tasking s9+ like the 1000s on here now it looks and works like cheap market android was looking at s10+ not if looks like this cheap children's toy phone go back to last update Samsung or another faithful you will have lost.DONT DO NEW UPDATE IT SUCKS 

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Going from recent posts some don't like the new icon look which can be altered via an icon pack if it hurts the eyes that much along with themes or a 3rd party launcher.


For me Pie has removed a couple of features I found useful but by being constructive and sending feedback via the Samsung Members App or Samsung + App Samsung can take onboard our thoughts and opinions.


Personally I invested in a little homework via YouTube and tech blogs before updating so I knew what to expect. I appreciate not all people would do this.


For me battery life is on par if not a little better than Oreo.


App transitions is fluid and I like Nite Mode.


The new Ui is a lot better the way it works


What i think I'm seeing is that people have different apps , launchers and themes which are possibly clashing with the Samsung One Ui  / Pie update.


It may take a few updates by the app developers and theme developers to catch up and for Samsung to possibly push out a few minor bug updates.


Just my take.



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This is the most ABSURD update that Samsung has allow to happen in my entire 10years with Samsung Galaxy phones. I will definitely change phones if Samsung doesn't do anything about. There is absolutely nothing good in this update.
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I've been with galaxy since they the 1st one and I was just about to buy the s10 but not anymore. They've lost me as a customer with this update. Its pitiful whoever thought this was OK. iPhone now has a new member. No viruses and a patented layout that will never change. I dont have time nor money for Samsung trials and errors. $900 for a phone that now I hate. Super disappointed 

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