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Update causes camera shutter to sound in some apps even though camera shutter is OFF!

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Since my update yesterday, my camera shutter makes a LOUD sound in Textra and Whatsapp although my camera shutter setting is off and my camera does NOT make a sound. This was not an issue until the Samsung update to Pie yesterday. How do I fix this???

AndrewL Moderator
@KDR430: If shutter sound is disabled in your Camera settings then it may be something in the Whatsapp and Textra settings themselves. Try looking in the app settings to see if any options exist to enable/disable shutter sounds, and in the meantime try a Soft Reset to address any temporary software issues (Volume +Power buttons together for 10 seconds until the phone restarts).
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Thanks for the suggestion but that did not solve the issue. This was not an issue in either app until yesterday's update. Neither app has the option to disble camera shutter. And, as I said, the camera app itself has the shutter sound turned off.

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