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Unknown FIle Appeared on Phone

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Hi all,


I was just looking through my Samsungs downloaded files and saw on the 27th October, a file (not an app) called SmartThings from url: was there.


Is this something I should be worried about?



CarlH Moderator

Hi @Geordiedave. This is the Samsung SmartThings app. This is being rolled out (or is already available) to all Samsung users. 

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Hi Carl,


Sorry to be a pain, but I have anxiety issues so can you just clarify something for me. 


is a legit download source?


Only asking because i have never noticed a file in my download folder from samsung before. It normally just contains pdf's i've downloaded.


Many thanks


CarlH Moderator

Can you send me a picture of where you're seeing Is this in the My Files app/  Download folder? 

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Screenshot_20181105-152501_My Files.jpg


Thats where it is and what it is

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Geordiedave


Do you have the SmartThings app in your app folder? If so, could you send us a screenshot?

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Is that what you mean?

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