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Unable to hide navigation bar

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Seems to me that Samsung like to try fix things that aren't broken and end up creating problems. 

There was absolutely nothing wrong with being able to hide my navigation bar and I liked the fact I could use my full screen. 

This along with some other issues imo is a massive step backwards Samsung!!

Please fix it.


Only if the gesture system was any good, but it's horrible. Why on earth haven't they implemented it the way Pixel phones have? with that pill and arrow?? Or simply leave the hide option alone!


I had to use full screen getures and  hide gesture hints prefered it when i could swipe up and tap that being said even if you do that the keyboards on whatsapp etc look odd and also take up more screen than before as the bottom as I look at it now is grey like the navi is still there anyway???????? why didnt you just keep it as it was or at least an option ????just an FYI for samsung the navi bar is in the way for fullscreen apps like snapchat for example cant hit swnd if its on ????? I get a large screen to use all of it not to have a navi bar in the way of everything 

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I want the third option back like tap the dot to hide when you use the gesture for navigation bar you catch the settings menu on the internet what stupid place place to put the settings there were ok at the top.

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You can, go to the navigation setting and at the bottom it will say gestures, turn that off and the bar will disappear completely and you can still slide up to use which ever button is needed.


gestures isn't the same as swipe up navi though.


done that with hide hints and using swiftkey till samsung sort it... if they sort it 

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So far hating slice of pie. The reason I got this phone was that I could hide the bar which causes screen burn in issues. The slide tonusenthe buttons gestures are terrible. Bring back the old option please. 


Worst part is when I am in live chat with for example my bank and the gestures takes me back a web page because I accidentally catch it then I have to wait another 40 mins to re-connect. I get why you put the grey nothingness at the bottom of keyboard to avoid catching them but still do anyway the swipe up then press was slower but more efficient as you had a chance to not accidentally swipe the back key! . Also what is with the camera UI you actually made it a longer process to switch between 4k 60FPS etc. 

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Yeah that's all good and said but when you got a navigation bar there all the time its annoying and a big distraction when you have 3 bars at the bottom its looks stupid then when you go for full screen gesture that makes you look like you don't know how to use your phone its completely stupid and unnecessary to have that built into a navigation bar thats the main part of your phone
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I think it's way better because it would annoy me when I would be on some apps like spotify and I would go back and then it would take a while for it hide again while it blocked the app options such as playlist, search, etc. on the bottom. Now I can navigate without the bar getting in the way for a few seconds which makes navigating apps and pages easier.

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