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USB connected disconnected

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I've noticed that I'm getting the USB connected/disconnected message and yesterday it was saying that moisture was detected but there's no way that anything got in the connection. And now it won't charge


I have the same problem on my A50


Did you find any solution? Iam facing the exact same issue on my s10 plus..

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My S9+ is doing a similar thing. It started last week. The Android System notification says "Charging connected device via USB"...ALL THE TIME. I have to change the USB controlled by option to "This phone" every time I connect it to anything. sometimes it works, mostly not. the only way I can guarantee charging it to wireless charge. I have changed or tried different USB cables, wall plugs, wall outlets, car adapters, computers, etc... Next thing is a factory restore, isn't this just fun.
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Same Problem on my M30

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Did anyone get a resolution to this problem? 

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So, I performed all of the normal troubleshooting techniques and still had the same problem. Finally went to Verizon and the rep immediately ordered a new device for me.  She said she had never seen that problem and since I had already done the normal steps it had to be a hardware issue.  

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Bei mir war das auch mit dem Usb Verbunden und nicht verbunden nachdem es mir in die Toillette gefallen ist! ICH HABE ES IN REIS GELEGT UND ES GING ALLES WIEDER GUT DAVOR WAR MEIN LAUTSPRECHER EBENFALLS AM ***** JETZT IST ALLES GUT

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Im having the same problem in my galaxy s9 ! Its showing usb connected /Usb conector disconnected. 

Now it won't charge, but after few hours it start charging normally 

And the same thing keeps happening. I dont know if it is the usb conector problem or an issue in the seystem

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I am getting also the same message in Galaxy S9 plus , I tried to wipe the partition cash and factory restore but it did not solve the problem ☹

It will be great if I will get a feedback from someone that found a resolution for the problem 

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