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Tracking order

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Does anyone know why it keeps saying this when trying to track my order Please input valid Order details. The order number has been taken off my email receipt 

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Dont put the # on the front of the order number.

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It starts with uk180

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Dont know then, if you have the order number and your email address it shows its progress. It still shows as prepairing for dispatch on mine.

I can only assume I wont be geting it tomorrow as it doesnt say dispatched yet.



Replied in the other thread but for those that haven't seen it...

You need to be logged out and search via "track order" rather than "member"

Being logged in will stop you tracking. 


As with paganbunion - mine still shows awaiting dispatch. Very disappointed Samsung.

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Yeah that's how I'm trying to track it. It Starts with UK180 and is 16 digits long with a - in the middle using the email address the order confirmation was sent to. Sounds like it's not worth looking anyway. I spoke to Samsung today and the located it on the order number so know it's there

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Hi I have 2 orders one is showing fine and has been dispatched and the other says invalid details to and i cant check that order
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